2019 Cascadia Convergence

WELCOME to the 2019

July 5-7, 2019 

Now accepting applications for workshops, presenters and bands. 

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2019 Cascadia Convergence

The annual Cascadia Convergence is a space for Cascadians to come together to share, learn, connect, and celebrate, and the rest is up to you! What do you have to share with your fellow Cascadians, how can we build a stronger, more just bioregion together? Why is learning about bioregionalism important? How can we best connect with each other and our beautiful space on this planet? What are the best ways to celebrate our love of Cascadia?

July 5-7, 2019. 3052 Brooklyn Rd, Raymond, WA 98577.
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$35 suggested donation, or volunteer! 

At Cascadia Convergence, we hope everyone interested in the idea of Cascadia can meet face to face, have a great time camping, and go home energized to act/live bioregionally. Each year, this awesome, fun filled, family-friendly weekend features art, music, presentations and workshops. We bring together a variety of different interests and groups so a range of Cascadian perspectives are represented. We focus on bringing people together, organizing and planning, and building community.


Music. Art. Nature

A weekend of camping on a 93 acre farm near Cosmopolis, Washington. Forest, Creek, Camping, Music, Art and Fun! a weekend for Cascadians to meet, plan and celebrate.

Action. Change. Solutions

A weekend of alternative solutions. Off grid, waste free, come be the change rather than just talking about it. Learn from others and bring your own knowledge to share. An open space that you create.

Community. Place. Yourself

Community Kitchen, communal fires and meals, movies, games and more. This weekend is our chance to meet face to face, and deepen our understanding of each other, and grow our roots.  



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Open mic, karaoke, silent disco, music around the fire, bands and performers. If you're a fellow Cascadian who has something to offer, we can't wait to see you here. 



Art installations, lights, trees, pathways.... bring your art and make Convergence a magical experience for everyone involved.


Presenters & Workshops

Have something that you're excited about our knowledgeable about? Want to help lead action about an issue you are passionate about? 



Gate crew, early setup, work parties, kitchen, family camp... the ways to volunteer are endless. As a volunteer and grassroots driven event - you make this weekend happen! Join us!



June 29-July 1st 2018. Brooklyn, in Southwest WA. Address announced soon.
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$35 suggested donation, no one turned away.