Register for the weekend here!

Cant pay? Volunteer!

Volunteering is the next best option, and we have many volunteer positions to be filled. For example: work as a parking lot attendant for 5 total hours, or work in the kitchen for 3 meals, or many more options. Please register (donate $0) and fill out the volunteer application after you register. We will be in touch about whats needed. Or message us on Facebook


-Presentations and Workshops-


To apply, please register as an individual and on the confirmation page you will find a link to register your presentation, workshop, organization or vender 

Please apply by May 20th to be on the schedule released June 1st. There is always room to present a skillshare or workshop the day of via the community bullitin.




Know how to identify plants and would like to share? Know how to tie knots, make daisy chains, make your own makeup, natural/recycled art projects? Share what you know with others!



Involved in an organization? Talk about what what your organization does, how others can get involved, feel free to bring tabling materials to give out/trade/sell.



This is more an educational presentation compared to the skillshare. This could be on the history of the bioregional movement, what your local CN! chapter does, anything educational you would like to share to spread knowledge.



Working on a local campaign or specific issue? Talk about it here! What is the campaign addressing, how so, how can people get involved?