What To Expect

When at Convergence, expect to be loved! This is a campout on a 93 acre farm!

Bring drinking water in large jugs or water filters to drink from the creek. You will need to provide all your personal water- stay hydrated!

We will have porta-potties this year 

No personal campfires, one central communal fire- campfire wood donations appreciated!

Communal breakfast/lunch/dinner will be provided with reusable dishes and cloth napkins. We are striving for a waste free event, please try avoiding plastic packaging or disposables. Please consider donating bulk food items like coffee, bread, veggies, fruit, etc.

The days will be filled with workshops and skillshares for people to plug into local organizations/actions, learn about bioregionalism, connect, learn. With evenings dedicated to performances, games, movies, and fun! There will be open mic times

While we hope the weekend is sunny, come prepared to camp in the rain, this means tarps, raincoats, warm clothes, etc.

This weekend is shaped by those who and come and what they share, whatever you share works great! Come as you are.

There's no/limited cell service